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Tattoo of the Day 07/17/11

Detailed Rhino-Awareness Tattoo by Mark Bodé.



Mark Bodé (who was one of the original illustrators for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics) shows us some real talent here.





Mark Bodé goes to New York for an awesome gallery show!  Friday, March 11th, 2011

Brooklyn, NY, 11201

Dueling Back-Tats

Here’s Karen Roze pushing in a modified Hokusai wave.

And Mark Bode doing an angel/devil shoulder piece.

Berni Wrightson Frankenstein

Mark Bode takes on the ridiculous challenge of translating a masterpiece by Berni Wrightson into an incredible tattoo.

(Thanks Mark! – Ian)

Bode Mural Blessing

Check out this awesome article/video on Juxtapoz about Mark’s mural being blessed!

Mark Bode in the SF Chronicle

Excerpt from San Francisco Chronicle article

“The 150-foot heavenly day facing Caledonia alley wasn’t the idea of the Episcopalians. The inspiration came from a nondenominational street artist who knocked on the door with a plan for keeping taggers and junkies out of the alley. It has been two months now, and no graffiti artist has had the nerve to deface it.

“My motivation was to do the most iconic figures and do it right,” Bode says. “We did it and it has a life of its own.””

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